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This is a publication we create to highlight features and tips to speed up your productivity with our software.
June 2020 Issue - Download PDF
  • Import Streaming Proposal Submissions in Standardized CSV Format

April 2020 Issue - Download PDF
  • Planner Fetch Index/Comp% Results from Audience Report (Detailed Steps)

  • Continued/Remote Use of ACT 1 Software
  • Local Portable Copies of ACT 1 Software
  • Remote Internal Collaboration (Keeping Lineups "In Sync")
  • Client Support from ACT 1

February 2020 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 10.1 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Affiliate System Network Ranker Tabular Export
  • Affiliate System Reach Report Uncheck Combine Repeat Stations Option
  • Planner Fetch Index/Comp% Results from Audience Report
  • Planner Creates Streaming CSV Templates
  • Lineup Manager Displays Extra Info on Lineup Conflicts
  • Site Manager Check Installed Data Now Breaks Out CDM & PPM Monthly

September 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 10.0 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Support for Nielsen Audio Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) Data
  • Support for Custom Format Groups (CFG)
  • Planner Supports Import/Export of New Streaming Proposal Format
  • Planner Can Automatically Divvy-Up Broad Dayparts into Goals

August 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • Importable/Standardized Streaming Vendor CSV Proposal Format
  • Planner Automatically Divvies Up Broad Dayparts in Daypart Codes (Goals)
  • Planner Option to Modify Network "Company" Name During Proposal Import
  • Planner Supports Weekly Net Cost, Total Net Cost, Total Net CPP/CPM
  • Planner Report Shows Discrepancies in Proposal (or Goal) Date Ranges

July 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • Gross Impressions & AQH on the Same Report
  • Traffic System Export with Audience & Lineup Codes/Settings (for XMLs)

June 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • Creating and Using Custom Station Format Groups

May 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • Understanding Coverage Percentage

  • Market Summary Report - Comparing % of PUR Listening

March 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.9 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • New Option - Update Planner Audience
  • New Support for XML Proposal Audience Source (RADAR, Omnitel, Other)
  • New Option - Planner Tabular Export
  • New Option - Export Multiple Proposal Revision Reports to One File
  • New Option - Display Goals for Campaigns & Classifications
  • New Option - Compute/Display Net Cost
  • New Support for Counterpoint Exact "Air Date" Flights in Proposals
  • New Option - Auto-Correct Proposal Start/End Flight Dates

February 2019 Issue - Download PDF
  • Audience Composition Report - Index of Target/Buy Demo per Lineup

  • Audience Composition Report - Determine Median Income Demo Group

  • Planner Tips for Daypart Codes & Broad Dayparts

  • New Version 9.8 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • New Option - Gross Impressions & GRPs in Network Ranker
  • New Option - Combine All Lineups Into One Column in Network Ranker
  • New Option - Custom "Station Universe" in Network Ranker
  • New Option - Rank Total Display Options in Network Ranker
  • Support for "Impression-Based" (Streaming) Proposals in Planner
  • Support for More Audience/Cost Precision in Proposals in Planner
  • Improved Support for Sun-Sat "Weeks" in Proposals in Planner

October 2017 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.6 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • New Tabular Export Option
  • New Planner Application Features

April 2017 Issue - Download PDF
  • Turnover
  • Comparing Lineups

March 2017 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.5 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • New "Live" Planner Application (Proposals & Buy-Sheets)

December 2016 Issue - Download PDF
  • Audience Report - Three Ways to Hide Times/Schedule
  • Audience Report - Combine Duplicate Stations Across Multiple Lineups
  • Coverage Percentage Explained

September 2016 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.4 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • New Beta Planner Application (Proposals & Buy-Sheets)
  • New Adjustment Percentages Feature in Affiliate System

August 2016 Issue - Download PDF
  • Research - Composition Report
  • Research - Ranker Report with "Index to Market"

July 2016 Issue - Download PDF
  • Finding All Lineups in which a Station Appears
  • Displaying Additional Station Information in Lineup Manager
  • Fixing Blurry Text in ACT 1 Software in Windows 10
  • Rounding vs. Precision (Manually Computing Numbers vs. ACT 1 Results)

May 2016 Issue - Download PDF
  • Creating/Saving Custom Lists of Dayparts (in the Daypart Summary report) for Use in Future Reports

  • Creating/Saving Custom Lists of Demos for Use in Future Reports
  • A Report that Shows Stations in Both Home Market and Spill-In Markets
  • How to Transfer the Settings and Input of One Report to Another Report
  • Coverage Population and Coverage Percentage

January 2016 Issue - Download PDF

  • Automatically Sort Lineups by Date (Most Recent at the Top)
  • How to See the Latest Call Letter Changes
  • How to See an Individual Station's Call Change History
  • TSL, 'AQH Share' and 'Percent of Total' in the Lineup Analysis Report
  • 'Percent of Total' and 'Station Count' in the Market Summary Report
  • Saving Sets of Demos for Use in Future Reports (Without Re-Input)
  • Showing 'Lineup Schedule' and 'Percent of Total on the Overview Page

November 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Understanding Population Index, Audience Index, and Market Index

October 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Lineups Containing Repeated Stations (Aggregated Results)
  • Lineups Containing Non-Repeated Stations with Multi-Segment Dayparts (Averaged Results)
  • Using Dayparts with Less than All Five Weekdays
  • Identifying Repeat Stations in Lineups

September 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.2 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Time Zone Support: Automatic Time Zone Shifting for Live Shows, Group Audience by Time Zone, Export Time Zone to Counterpoint, Etc.
  • Displaying the Schedule on the Overview Page in Affiliate System Reports
  • Enhanced Import of Multi-Segment Dayparts From Text Files
  • Changing the Order of Custom Summaries

August 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Entering Spot Costs in Audience Report (to View CPP, CPM, etc.)
  • Showing Group Formats on Overview Page & Detailed Formats for Stations

July 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Importing Market Lists From a Text File Into Affiliate System Reports
  • Saving or Retrieving Market Lists Internally Within Affiliate System

June 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Lineup Management: Archiving and Activating Lineups
  • Showing Total Station Audience Within a Market or Across All Markets (Regardless of Station Duplication Across One or More Lineups)

May 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Calculating the Median of Total Listeners for Multiple Demographics

April 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Quick Access to DMA and Metro Populations
  • Showing Multi-Week Cume in Station Analysis

March 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.1 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • New "Check for Updates" Feature to Automate Data & Software Updates
  • New "Look Forward" in Affiliate System Trend Report for Secondary Books

January 2015 Issue - Download PDF
  • Showing Total Listening for a Station Across All Markets
  • Quickly Comparing Differences Between Two Lineups

December 2014 Issue - Download PDF

  • Changing the Default Lineup Sort for Selecting Lineups (Pick from List)
  • Tips to Fit the Demo Summary Report on a Single Page

November 2014 Issue - Download PDF
  • Exporting/Transform Research Ranker or Trend Reports in "Tabular" Format
  • Recent Hot Swap Call Letter Changes: Use Old Calls or Current Calls?

October 2014 Issue - Download PDF
  • Time-Saving Daypart Entry Tips in Lineup Manager
  • Printing Dayparts, Spots and Spot Costs from Lineup Manager

September 2014 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 9.0 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Changes Related to New DMA Minimum Reporting Standards (MRS)
  • Custom Home Metro Assignments for Dual-Metro Stations

July 2014 Issue - Download PDF

  • Using the Audience Report to Show "Spill-Out"

May 2014 Issue - Download PDF

  • Exclusive Cume and Percent Exclusive Cume in Research
  • Time Spent Listening in Lineup Analysis & Research (Ranker & Trend)
  • Showing Total Spots Nationally (Per Lineup & Across All Lineups)

March 2014 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 8.9 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Lineup Manager in v8.9
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Affiliate System in v8.9
  • Revised and Expanded Table of Multi-Week Cume Adjustment Factors

February 2014 Issue - Download PDF

  • Back Up the MKTN Folder Often! (Protect Your Lineups & Saved Work)
  • Entering Fractional Spots (5.3 spots) or a Spot Rate (3 spots per 1 day)
  • Using a Spot Factor to Multiply the Number of Spots in a Stored Schedule
  • Filter Stored Schedules "On The Fly" to Keep Only Specified Days or Times

January 2014 Issue - Download PDF
  • Saving & Retrieving Market Groups, Demo Groups or Daypart Groups
  • Translator Stations
  • Flight and the Multi-Week Cume Factor Sliderule

November 2013 Issue - Download PDF
  • Spill Search Report: How to View a Station's Home versus Spill-In Markets
  • Details on In-Tabs (Useable Diaries)
  • How to Show Multi-Week Reports (Flight) Using Station Analysis

October 2013 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 8.8 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Lineup Manager in v8.8
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Affiliate System in v8.8
  • Revised Accuracy Expectation & Methodology Guide Documents

July 2013 Issue - Download PDF
  • How to Set Up a .CSV Text File to Import a Lineup into Lineup Manager

June 2013 Issue - Download PDF
  • How to View Persons Using Radio (/PUR) in a Research Hourly Report
  • How to View Local Arbitron Populations in a Market Summary Report
  • Three Subtotal Stats for Audience Reports (Cov Pct, Pct of Total, Index)
  • How to View Which User Last Modified a Lineup

April 2013 Issue - Download PDF
  • Population Summary, Coverage Summary and Overview Pages
  • Coverage Percentage Explained
  • Coverage Population Totals: Excluding Markets if All Stations are Unreported

March 2013 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 8.7 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Lineup Manager in v8.7
  • Affiliate System Enhancement for Editing Lineup Code Prefixes
  • Date & Time Stamps for Saved Input Lists (Demos, Dayparts, Markets, etc.)

December 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • Using Lineup Manager's "Group Management" Feature to Organize Lineups and/or Assign Lineups to Specific Clients, Users or Departments.

November 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • Exporting Audience Report Schedules for Use in Excel or Other Software
  • Using Lineup Manager's "Count" Feature to Display Station Counts, Stored Time Counts, Stored Spot Counts, and Market-Related Counts.
  • Checking What Arbitron Data is Installed at Your Location

October 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • Specify a Total Spot Value to be Automatically Spread Proportionally Across Multiple Instances of a Repeated Station.
  • Averaging More than Five Dayparts for a Single Station

September 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 8.6 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Lineup Manager in v8.6
  • Affiliate System Enhancement for Flagging of Arbitron Nationwide Data

May 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • Showing the Average of Multiple Dayparts
  • Viewing Quarterly PPM Averages Before All Markets Are Available

April 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • The Two Methods of Exporting Lineups in Lineup Manager

March 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • New Version 8.5 ACT 1 PC System Software
  • Summary of Key Enhancements to the Lineup Manager in v8.5
  • Site Manager Enhancement for Installing From Alternate Folders in v8.5

February 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • Don't Lose Your Saved Work - Backup your MKTN Folder
  • Sort by Station Rank, Call Letters or Fields in Research Trend, Ranker & Composition Reports.

January 2012 Issue - Download PDF
  • How ACT 1 Calculates AQH Share Average in a Trend Report

December 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Creating Lineups Based On Station Attributes
  • Station Composition Ethnic Method

November 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Rearranging Lineups
  • Format Group Names
  • Audience Report - Unreported & Station Grouping

October 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Using Total Cost with Multiple Dayparts to Calculate Cost Per Spot
  • Viewing and Using Your Historical Custom Ranks

September 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Software Updates & Nationwide Data Are Now Downloadable
  • MSL Report - Station Counts Supports Total Combined & Unique Combined

August 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Show a Summary of Station Rankings In Each Market and Across All Markets
  • "Latest Book" Versus Latest Monthly PPM Release
  • Trend Report - Showing Only Multi-Book Averages

July 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Including Spot Cost Usage in Audience Reports
  • Modifying Spots Per Station in Lineup Manager
  • Learning Which Call Letters Changed from Month to Month

June 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Adjusting For Time Zones - Stored Schedules In Lineups
  • Shortcut - Entering 15-Minute Dayparts
  • Finding Help - Software Guide & Methodology Guide

May 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Entering Spots - Weekly, Total, or as a Rate, Fraction or Factor
  • Stored Schedules - Qualifying the Daypart with a Filter

April 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Flight - Audience Report with Reach Utilizing Multi-Week Schedules
  • Overview Page - Audience Report Summaries

March 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • What's New in Version 8.3

February 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Copy and Paste Complex Schedules
  • Using a Lineup multiple times in a report

January 2011 Issue - Download PDF
  • Selecting multiple items
  • Creating Composite Lineups

December 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • All About Spill-In

November 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • Percentage of a Demographic in a Lineup

October 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • Save As Default
  • Placement Report
  • Subtitles, Footnotes, and Client Name

September 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • What's New in Version 8.2

August 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • Copy Markets to Summary Subtotals
  • Customer Summary Pages
  • Hide Lineup Code Explanation

July 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • All About the Jump Button
  • All About Preview and Page Options

June 2010 Issue - Download PDF
  • How to get ACT1 support
  • Save Lineups & Schedules
  • Input Complex Schedules
  • Cut & Paste Schedules